SUNDAY 12 MAY 2019
Mothersday's Brunch
Detailed Offer (in french)
LOKO the Easter rabbit
is hidden in the network! Come and find it

Remaining opening days during Easter holidays :

23 + 24 + 25 + 28 April
(visits from 10am until 3:30pm)


Graubünden Mountains

Mr Henning Piesker

Mr Tibert Keller

Exhibition to be seen until May 14th during our opening days & times.

sWITZERLAND in the nineties

The Kaeserberg railways narrate the daily life of the last decade of the twentieth century. Each place in the landscape relates to a story full of details, transporting the visitors into a world that is half dream and half reality. A time where mobile phones were only acquired by a few privileged people, where train stations had their guards and where the post was brought to the villages by train...

An animated world in a German-speaking Switzerland and in Graubünden. Since it's not noon yet, most people are still at work, others are shopping, enjoying sports or their free time. In schools, the lessons are not finished. Some old cars are participating in a rally and tourists are enjoying the sunlight on the paddle-wheel boat «Gallia». The Knie circus is now set, a TV team is filming a rehearsal and the menagerie is attracting many children...